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Product Manager - Elkhart or Phoenix


MiTek Corporation is a family owned and operated parent company to brands including MTX Audio, Xtant, Coustic and AtlasIED. MiTek's experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling high performance commercial, mobile, residential, marine, and motorsports audio has created some of the best equipment on the market.

MiTek offers a comprehensive benefits package along with long term growth opportunities across its many brands.  Come join the family!

The Position:

We are seeking an experienced and energetic Product Manager with a passion for audio and product development.  Ideal candidates will have excellent communication and organizational skills, be self-motivated, able to multi-task and work efficiently. 

The Product Manager will be responsible for driving product strategy, scoping key features of product families, product development priorities and product release plans as it relates to the assigned product families.  Most importantly, the position will be responsible for owning what a product is, and subsequently defining what a product is not.  This position will be responsible for work on very innovative electronic products and requires close interaction with development, key customers, sales, and product marketing.

Looking for qualified candidates in the Elkhart, IN or Phoenix, AZ markets.

Senior Software Engineer - Louisville, Elkhart, Salt Lake City, or Phoenix


MiTek Corporation is a family owned and operated parent company to brands including MTX Audio, Xtant, Coustic and AtlasIED. MiTek's experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling high performance commercial, mobile, residential, marine, and motorsports audio has created some of the best equipment on the market.

MiTek offers a comprehensive benefits package along with long term growth opportunities across its many brands.  Come join the family!

The Position:

We are seeking an experienced and energetic Senior Software Engineer with a passion for audio to support our commercial division.  Ideal candidates will have excellent communication and organizational skills, thrive at problem solving and have a customer focused mentality.  Candidates must also be self-motivated, able to multi-task and work efficiently in a constantly changing environment with a diverse group of customers. 

The Senior Software Engineer is responsible for the design and development of industry-leading commercial software with a focus on innovation and usability for the AtlasIED family of products. This position is also responsible for critical testing and triaging of problems prior to, and during, product validation.

Looking for qualified candidates in the following markets:

- Phoenix, Arizona

- Elkhart, Indiana

- Louisville, Kentucky

- Salt Lake City, Utah


MTX Regional Sales Manager (Remote)


The 12volt Regional Sales Manager will be responsible for all aspects of sales and support of MiTek 12volt brands - primarily MTX Audio, for the assigned territories. This RSM will help develop and will execute sales plans and strategies in accordance with corporate sales goals and strategic initiatives.

The ideal candidate will be located east of the Mississippi, covering the eastern region of the U.S. 




Administrative positions at Mitek are staffed by bright, organized, energetic, and dependable people driven by a common company goal: Engineer it Right, Build it Right, Sell it Right, and Support it Right. Working behind the scenes, you will make a significant impact on the everyday lives of customers, clients, outside vendors, and Mitek partners through personal contact and effective communication.

Customer Service


Mitek Corporation is a dynamic audio manufacturer focused on people. The Mitek Customer Service team works hard every day to ensure that customers are happy with the high performance products that they purchase from Mitek. Depending on the role within the Customer Service team, you may provide technical product support via phone, work with internal partners and external customers on product knowledge and training, answer incoming calls at our call center, or provide managerial support and direction to those within the customer service team. If customers are your focus, then the opportunities are endless for you at Mitek.



Mitek Engineers are responsible for the creation and the development of the best audio equipment in the world. As a partner on the Engineering team you will be join by a group of talented, creative, and highly motivated individuals who truly make a difference at Mitek. Whether you are in our commercial or consumer Engineering Department your ideas and imagination will be your only constraints. Our Engineering Department is comprised of the best and brightest, and we're always looking for stand-out talent to add to our team.



If you are smart with numbers, then join the winning Mitek team that focuses on the numbers, while maintaining a watchful eye on the bottom line. As a partner on the Finance and Accounting team, depending on your role, you may enter financial data or support business decisions by analyzing costs and margins, determining overhead, and creating financial reports on your findings.

Human Resources


Our Human Resources Support Team is a leading force within Mitek. If people are your passion, then join a team that believes people are the greatest investment. We are motivated by having the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Depending on your role and/or level of experience, as a partner in the Human Resources Support Team, you may assist in strategic HR functions, employee relations, coaching/development, compensation analysis, conflict management, organizational development, payroll, benefit analysis, and developing programs to attract and retain the best and brightest partners; while continuing to strengthen Mitek's high performance team, culture, and core values through recognition and training initiatives.

Industrial Design


Mitek’s fully integrated Industrial Design team provides the Mitek R&D teams with concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems benefiting both the user and the manufacturer.

Information Technology


The Information Technology team at Mitek provides the behind the scenes IT support to all Mitek partners. If you love working with complex networks, personal workstations (laptops and desktops), printers, and if you enjoy problem solving and troubleshooting IT issues, then a career path in Mitek's IT field may be a good fit for you.



Mitek depends on the dedicated team in the Maintenance department to keep day to day operations running smoothly. They accomplish much of their work behind the scenes in maintenance, facility upkeep, and preventative maintenance. Assisting product manufacturing, building beautification project or general maintenance duty requires someone in the Maintenance Department to make sure it happens as planned, in a timely manner, and within budget.



Mitek follows the innovative concept of vertical integration. Mitek partners manufacture virtually every audio product themselves in the corporation's manufacturing facilities. If you enjoy working with the latest in audio technology in a rewarding, fast-paced environment, a career in our Manufacturing and Production Department may be for you. At Mitek, we have many different levels of opportunity within our Manufacturing department. From basic product assembly to overseeing the daily operations of business, as a partner in our Manufacturing Department, you too could be at the heart of Mitek's mission to build the world's best audio equipment



No matter what your creative talent is, a career on the Mitek Marketing team will be a challenging, fast paced and rewarding experience. The Marketing team is responsible for marketing exceptional consumer and commercial products to end users, partners, and customers on a worldwide basis. Depending on your role within the Marketing team, you may design graphic materials or create catalogues for our Creative Service Department, create training materials for customers or partners, or design, orchestrate, or set-up show booths for industry trade shows. If you have a creative flair and an eye for design, then a career in our Marketing Department may be the place for you.

Project Management & Design


The Project Management & Design team provide professional services to our network of integrators, dealers, distributors, and customers. These services range from product technical support to fully engineered on premise systems support. Starting from design concept to product selection and system commissioning the PMD team ensures our product is utilized correctly and optimized for best performance.



From Mitek's internal departments to our external customers, everyone relies on quality materials with on-time delivery at the best price. Partners in the Material Planning Department provide first-class production materials for all of Mitek's manufacturing facilities; including forecasts, schedules, and distribution support. Depending on your role within the Material Planning team you may lead contract negotiations, manage supplier relationships, manage inventory levels, or transport finished or raw materials between facilities.

Research and Development


If research and development are your passions, then the opportunities in the Mitek R&D department are endless. Depending on your skill level, you will have the opportunity to design and build prototypes, develop new products, resolve design issues, oversee projects or work on bringing the R&D process together by working on show vehicles or visiting product trade shows.



Continually striving toward excellence, Mitek Corporation is always growing which means a high volume of sales opportunities, as it embraces the latest technological advances. If you are motivated and driven by the desire to sell, then a career in sales is the path for you. As a partner within one of Mitek's many sales teams you can lead the way to your own success. Depending on your role within the sales department; you may work with dealers and distributors in an outside sales capacity, transport vehicles to and from show locations, build business relationships through professional conduct, coordinate business with major retailers of Mitek products, or facilitate sales through the managing of independent territories. Whatever your career objectives, working on the Mitek sales team means you are the key to the success of the business.



If you are an ambitious, high-energy person who enjoys a fast-paced team environment, then working in the warehouse is the right place for you. As part of the warehouse team, you will have the opportunity to help with shipping, receiving, storage, and inventory control. Our partners in the warehouse share a common goal; get the right product, to the right place, in the right amount of time. If this sounds like you, then becoming a part of the Mitek warehouse team is a perfect choice!


Web Development


At Mitek, the Web Development team programs, creates, and maintains all brand and affiliated websites and electronic support materials. If you love online communication, being creative, and problem solving to deliver a clear message, then a career path in the Web Development field may be a good fit for you.


Ennis, Texas

The 280,000 square foot Atlas Sound manufacturing facility is located just 30 minutes south of Dallas in Ennis, TX. Partners at this facility assemble loudspeakers, in-ceiling speaker packages, and compression drivers used in a variety of paging, emergency signaling, and background music applications. A full line of electronic equipment cabinets are also manufactured at the Ennis facility. These product lines are supported by in house stamping and precision sheet metal fabrication. The stamping operation is anchored by a 275 ton coil fed Seyi press. The sheet metal operation is anchored by a Salvagnini combination punch, shear, and bender capable of producing formed metal panels from raw material to the finished part, and by a Trumpf 2030 laser capable of cutting up to ½ inch steel plate. Partners in this facility's distribution center process over 5,000 orders a month, shipping to customers across North America. Many of the Atlas products are UL listed, and the facility is ISO 9001 registered.
1601 Jack McKay Blvd
Ennis, TX 75119
(972) 875-8413

Louisville, Kentucky


Innovative Electronic Designs Facility

This facility houses a majority of the Innovative Electronic Designs, or IED, team of the Mitek Electronics and Communications Group. IED is focused on delivering communication and announcement systems of any size for application including airports, transit centers, corporate and government offices, healthcare facilities, and more. Still headquartered where it was founded in 1978, this Louisville office building consists of IED’s software developers, hardware engineers, system design team, as well as sales and customer support staff.
Because of the in-depth product knowledge the advanced IED systems and technology require, there is also a fully functional training center here with regularly scheduled sessions. In addition to new product and software development, all systems are designed, programmed, and thoroughly tested here before being shipped to sites worldwide.
9701 Taylorsville Road
Louisville, KY 40299
Tel. (502) 267-7436
Fax. (502) 267-9070

Marble Hill, Missouri


Marble Hill Logistics Facility

Marble Hill, Missouri is the home of our Mitek Marble Hill Logistics facility. This group provides logistics and marketing support for Mitek's Commercial, Residential, and Mobile divisions. Our team at MHL is responsible for inventory and shipping for all Mitek print and promotional materials, including literature, catalogs, banners, displays and wearables. Partners in this facility also assist with reporting on follow-up by field sales force to all leads from selling events. Additionally, MHL operates a print-on-demand service for Mitek, with special emphasis on presentation binders, sales packets, selling sheets, price lists, and small runs of promotional banners and posters.

Phoenix, Arizona


Corporate Offices

The 108,000 square foot Phoenix facility houses Mitek's corporate offices, which includes Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Web Development, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. The Phoenix building also serves as the Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Distribution site for Mitek's electronics.

Electronics Research and Development

A revolutionary electronics lab is equipped with computerized testing and design software, including Solidworks 7.0, PADS PowerPCB, MicroSim PSpice, Audio Precision, and PowerLogic. All engineers and technicians have Audio Precision Analyzers on their test benches. Critical listening is performed using an in-house sound chamber and Burn-In chambers are utilized for long-term reliability testing. Thermal Imaging Cameras and COSMOS software are used for thermal prediction and analysis.

Amplifier Manufacturing and Distribution

An impressive display of automation, hand craftsmanship, and manufacturing equipment fills the massive amplifier manufacturing and distribution warehouse. Mitek fabricates its own heatsinks using CNC Robodrills and amplifiers are assembled using one Wave Solderer, custom-built load switchers and automated dip, axial, and radial inserters. The latest addition to the manufacturing plant is the elite Philips Topaz-model surface-mount device (SMD) mounter, which dramatically facilitates the process by which amplifier boards are assembled. By using this efficient machine, Mitek can produce 154 percent more amplifiers than it could by using the previous production methods in the same time period. Mitek partners vigorously test all amplifiers using the Teradyne test systems and Audio Precision System One. All final packaging is completed on-site and amplifiers are shipped to customers worldwide. The Phoenix facility also has full capabilities for metal, plastic, and wood fabrication.

International Training Center

The 13,000 square foot training center and showroom serves as a superior training and demonstration site for retailers and Mitek sales representatives. MTX, Xtant, Coustic and StreetWires products are on display via car audio kiosks. There are multiple home audio demonstration rooms showcasing DCM cabinets, MTX custom speakers, Musica accessories, and Soundolier wireless products for residential use. The Phoenix facility is also equipped with the Atlas Sound training center. A 50-seat training area equipped for instructional seminars and multi-media presentations and professional audio, fully active live sound stage. The showroom also features the incredible 18-seat "Pointe Cinema," a highly sophisticated theater equipped with 5.1 MTX Pointe Series loudspeakers and more than 15,000 watts of power. The showroom is a great place to learn about all of Mitek products while visiting the Phoenix facility.
4545 East Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ 85042
(602) 438-4545

Winslow, Illinois


Worldwide Distribution Center

Mitek's 140,000 square foot Winslow, Illinois facility houses employees specializing in finance/ administration and Information Technology. The Winslow facility also serves as the distribution center for loudspeaker component systems, amplifiers and enclosures worldwide. This facility features a sophisticated automated distribution system which allows workers to process twice as many packages with half the amount of manual labor from previous methods. Our technologically advanced system includes a Telescopic Belt Conveyor which is used to load and unload loose products from rigid trucks, trailers, and containers; along with a physically erected racking device with belt conveyors that take products to the consolidation area and put them on a skid, allowing workers to view all the products so they may build appropriate size skids. As part of the system a tilt lift moves each skid upright, places it on a roller, and wraps it. This eliminates the need for workers to lift heavy objects. Other advantages of the automated distribution system are the gravity flow racks, which automatically replace an empty skid with a new, full one, so workers are never waiting for skids.
1 Mitek Plaza
Winslow, IL 61089
(815) 367-3000

Salt Lake City, UT

Elkhart, IN



Some positions require that partners live outside a corporate location. In these instances the partner's home functions as their home office.

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